inoCUT icM127

 inoCUT icM127 inoCUT icM127


inoCUT icM127

The universal cutter for insulation material with a cutting depth of up to 30 cm

Benefits at a glance    

  • Six insulation thickness pre-sets with latching mechanics from 100 to 300 mm
  • Short-stroke parallelogram for user-friendly clamping of the cutting material
  • Positively driven electric sabre saw
  • Swivel cutting guide from -5° to +45°
  • Integrated double folding foot with an extra long foot profile for optimal device positioning even with heavy plates
  • Large swivel plate supports on both sides for precise and individual oblique cuts
  • Wall support, making it possible to work on the scaffold without an independent support

The new inoCUT icM127 makes cutting all commercially available insulating materials child’s play.
The new cutter for electric size cutting has a universal positive drive for saws. Exact mitre cuts, as well as straight and diagonal cuts with a mitre can be performed effortlessly and quickly with the electric cordless sabre saw included in the scope of supply.

Further information / downloads:

Alternative Machines:

Cutting length: max. 127 cm
Cutting depth: max. 30 cm
Dimensions (W x H x D): 350 x 1.820 x 350 mm
Weight: 24,0 kg
 inoCUT icM127

Scope of delivery
inoCUT icM127

Item no. 10042563

  • Cutter
  • Left and right support strip
  • Foldable footrest
  • Free-standing support
  • Guided block with hooks for fixing a Milwaukee sabre saw
  • Milwaukee sabre saw with 2 batteries quick charger, 2 saw blades (300 mm) and 1 saw blade (430 mm) incl. case
  • Operating instructions
 inoCUT icM127

inoCUT icM127

Foam glass panels 
Hemp boards 
Mineral wool 
Phenolic resin panels 
Polystyrene rigid foam panels 
Polyurethane panels 
Potential cuts: Cut-outs 
Potential cuts: Diagonal cuts 
Potential cuts: Diagonal cuts with mitre joints 
Potential cuts: Groove cuts 
Potential cuts: Layered cut 
Potential cuts: Layered cuts with mitre joints 
Potential cuts: Layered groove cuts 
Potential cuts: Mitre cuts 
Potential cuts: Round cuts 
Potential cuts: Separating cuts 
Potential cuts: Straight cuts 
Toothed handsaw without bevel  for icM110 / 127

Toothed handsaw without bevel for icM110 / 127

Length 500 mm

  • suitable for insulation material (saw guide for icM127 required)

Toothed handsaw without bevel (Article no. 10041522)

Saw guide for handsaw for icM127

Saw guide for handsaw for icM127

Saw guide for handsaw for icM127 (Article no. 10042570)

Replacement saw blade for battery operated Milwaukee sabre saw

Replacement saw blade for battery operated Milwaukee sabre saw

  • Length 450 mm, corrugated for Milwaukee sabre saw

Insulation saw blade for Milwaukee cordless sabre saw (Article no. 10042572)

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Daimlerstraße 9-11
79761 Waldshut-Tiengen
Phone: +49 7741 6805 0
Fax: +49 7741 6805 665

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