One Way Container "HIGH PERFORMANCE"

 One Way Container One Way Container "HIGH PERFORMANCE"

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One Way Container "HIGH PERFORMANCE"

inoBOX M: “HIGH PERFORMANCE” One-Way Container in combination with the inoFLEX dry delivery unit for commercially available mixing pumps

Benefits at a glance

  • Extremely simple assembly on all commercially available mixing pumps
  • Simple one-person transport
  • High delivery rate
  • Low-maintenance technology
  • Simple cleaning


The flexible inoFLEX delivery shaft transports the material to be processed from the inoBOX M one-way container directly into the mixing pump hopper, and from there into the material hose for the spray or glue gun.

The inoFLEX dry delivery unit can be combined with all commercially available mixing pumps, such as inoCOMB M4G, inoCOMB Picco, PFT G4, Putzknecht S48, etc.


* The machine is available in 110 and 230 V

Further information / downloads:

Alternative Machines:

Operating voltage: 110 or 230 V / 50 Hz
Power: 1,1 kW
Flow volume: approx. 24 l/min
Conveying wave: flexible
Connection Port: flexibel
 One Way Container

Scope of delivery
Item no. 10041947
- inoCOMB Picco Power
- inoCOMB Picco Business

Item no. 10041948
- inoCOMB M4G
- inoCOMB Maxi Power
- PFT G4

Item no. 10041151
- other mixing pumps

  • OWC camlock coupling
  • Approx. 2 m flexible hose
  • Delivery shaft
  • Probe control system with rotor sensor
  • Gear motor
  • Transition hood / transition connecting piece
  • Operating instructions
Rotor filling level probe

Rotor filling level probe

  • The material hopper of the mixing pump (e.g. inoCOMB M4G Basic and inoCOMB M4G Business, as well as the third-party makes G4 PFT and S48 Putzknecht) is filled with material using the inoFLEX dry delivery system. The probe switches the inoFLEX dry delivery system off when a certain filling level is reached. If the filling level in the mixing pump’s material hopper decreases, the probe switches the inoFLEX dry delivery system back on again and tops it up with material from the OWC. This guarantees constant and automatic filling of the mixing pump.

Rotor filling level probe (Article no. 10041174)

Delivery shaft for inoFLEX

Delivery shaft for inoFLEX

Delivery shaft for inoFLEX (Article no. 10041423)

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