inoBEAM M8
inoBEAM F12
inoBEAM F30
inoBEAM F50
Acoustic renovation paint
Airless spray-on smoothing compounds - with conversion kit 'HP'-F30 (see accessories)
Cement pastes, suspensions
Cement plasters
Concrete bonder
Decorative fine coats
ETICS glue, mineral
ETICS glue, paste-like
Fibour plaster
Fine acoustic finishing coats
Fire protection mortar
Floor leveling compound
Floor spattling compounds
Lime cement plasters
Lime plasters
Lime smoothers
Liquid woodchip
Mineral textured plasters
Multi-layer acoustic spray plasters
Outdoor / indoor dispersion paint Silicate paint - with conversion kit 'HP'-F30 (see accessories)
Paste-like textured plasters
PCC- and SPCC-mortar / filler
Porous concrete coats
Rendering base
Renovating plaster systems
Reprofiling mortar
SPCC Spatula
Spray-on filling, bonding, plastering, reinforcing and can be combined with one-way containers
- with sets “D”- & “R”-F30
Spray-on spattling compounds
inoBEAM M8
inoBEAM F12
inoBEAM F30
inoBEAM F50
Operating pressurebarup to 15up to 16up to 40up to 40
Operating voltageV/Hz/A110-230 / 50 / 16230 / 50 / 16110-230 / 50 / 16400 / 50 / 32
Drive performancekW0,551,53,0 (frequency controlled)6,3 (frequency controlled)
Empty weightkg28
Delivery rate (depending on the material)l/minmax. 0 - 8max. 0 - 12max. 2 - 50max. 2 - 100
Conveying distance (depending on the material)mmax. 30max. 30max. 80max. 80
Pressure height (depending on the material)mmax. 20max. 20max. 25max. 40
Grain sizemmmax. 3max. 6max. 10
Material containerl30505070
Machine techniqueDelivery pumpsDelivery pumpsDelivery pumpsDelivery pumps
Dimensions (L x W x H)mm600 x 230 x 7501450 x 530 x 7001450 x 530 x 7001120 x 660 x 750
Weightkgapprox. 28approx. 65approx. 85approx. 130