The perfect silo continuous mixer for processing powdery materials

Benefits at a glance

  • Constant material consistency
  • High mixing rate (22 l/min.)
  • PU mixing pipe with quick-release fasteners
  • Detachable mixing pipe cover
  • Standardised flange attachment with a diameter of 250 mm and thus suitable for all conventional silos
  • Simple operation and cleaning
  • Low-maintenance and construction site compliant technology

The inoMIX F51 is the perfect 400 V continuous mixer for use with silos for mixing powdery materials.
Its compact design means that the inoMIX F51 can also remain flange-mounted to the silo during transport.
The mixing and metering shafts are driven directly using a gear motor.


inoMIX F51

Service details

Operating voltageV/Hz/A400 / 50 / 16
Drive performancekW1,5
Mixing performancel/minmax. 22 l/min / ca. 50 l/min*
Machine techniqueMixers
Comments* With optional metering shaft, gradient 40 mm
Dimensions (L x W x H)mm1500 x 500 x 320
Weightkgapprox. 65
inoMIX F51
Cement pastes, suspensions
Cement plasters
ETICS glue, mineral
Fire protection mortar
Floating screeds
Floor spattling compounds
Gypsum plasters for indoor applications
Lime cement plasters
Lime plasters
Lime smoothers
Loam plasters
Mineral textured plasters
Multi-layer acoustic spray plasters
Renovating plaster systems
SPCC mortar / filler

Scope of delivery
inoMIX F21:
Item no. 10043789

  • Solid steel funnel
  • PU mixing pipe
  • Mixing shaft
  • Metering shaft
  • Gear motor
  • Water fitting
  • Operating instructions
inoMIX F51
400 V extension cable, 5 x 2.5 mm², length 20 m

400 V extension cable, 5 x 2.5 mm², length 20 m

  • CEE plug and coupling

400 V extension cable, 5 x 2.5 mm², length 20 m (Article No. 10015199)
inoEASYMIX PU mixing pipe

inoEASYMIX PU mixing pipe

Mixing pipe cover for inoEASYMIX incl. wing nuts (M12) and plastic transfer for the mixing shaft (Article No. 10040691)
inoEASYMIX PU mixing pipe Including mixing shaft, mixing pipe cover and holders (Article No. 10042960)
Metering shaft for inoMix F51

Metering shaft for inoMix F51

Metering shaft for inoMIX F51 - 20 mm gradient, standard (Article No. 10043792)
Metering shaft for inoMIX F51 - 30 mm gradient, for increased delivery rate (Article No. 10043793)
Metering shaft for inoMIX F51 - 40 mm gradient e.g. for masonry mortar (Article No. 10043794)

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