inoCOMB Picco Power
inoCOMB Maxi Power
Cement pastes, suspensions
Cement plasters
Concrete bonder
Decorative fine coats
ETICS glue, mineral
ETICS glue, paste-like
Fine acoustic finishing coats
Fire protection mortar
Floating screeds
Floor spattling compounds
Lime cement plasters
Lime plasters
Lime smoothers
Liquid woodchip
Machine-applied gypsum plasters for indoor applications
Mineral textured plasters
Multi-layer acoustic spray plasters
Paste-like textured plasters
Porous concrete coats
Renovating plaster systems
SPCC mortar / filler
SPCC Spatula
Spray-on spattling compounds
inoCOMB Picco Power
inoCOMB Maxi Power
Operating pressurebarup to 30up to 30
Operating voltageV/Hz/A110-230 / 50 / 16400 / 50 / 32
Drive performancekW3,0 (frequency controlled)5,5
Grain sizemmmax. 6max. 6
Material containerl55145
Fillingmmapprox. 1000approx. 880
Machine techniqueMixing pumpsMixing pumps
Comments* Weight with compressor: approx. 97 kg
Dimensions (L x W x H)mm1560 x 640 x 10901100 x 730 x 1500
Weightkgapprox. 65approx. 270