The one-way container system for paste-like materials

Benefits at a glance

  • No hire or installation fees for silos
  • Simple logistics thanks to Euro-pallet dimensions
  • Can be transported with a pallet truck
  • Flexible trailer transport
  • Quick and simple setup
  • No retrieval necessary
  • Good idling performance
  • Rainproof and watertight if stored outdoors
  • Possible to connect easy-to-operate machine technology with a lighting current of 230 V / 50 Hz
  • Simple and eco-friendly disposal, no waste water

The one-way container offers a flexible one-way solution for filling, transporting and processing paste-like materials in conjunction with powerful, ultra-modern machine technology!
A funnel-shaped interior in the one-way container safely guides the filling material to the outlet units.
The material flow can be interrupted, if necessary, using a locking slider − e.g. if flanged machines are removed after work is complete.

The one-way container for paste-like materials can be combined with the following machine technology:

  • One-way container combined with the inoFLEX paste-like flexible wet delivery unit and the inoBEAM F30 230 V delivery pump

inoFLEX pastös mit inoBEAM Light
Anwendungsbild_inoFELX pastös


One-way container system for paste-like materials
Capacitykgmax. 800
Empty weightkg70
Connection PortCamlock connection directly on the inoMIX E12 continuous mixer or on the dry delivery unit inoFLEX
Machine techniqueSilo and machine technology
Dimensions (L x W x H)mm1200 x 800 x 1600
One-way container system for paste-like materials
Bonding or reinforcing mortar
Can be used for all pumpable, powdery screed and levelling compounds
Concrete smoothing compound
Facade plasters
Floor leveling compound
Grouting of channels and machine foundations
Organic spattling compounds
Reprofiling mortar
Spraying final coats

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