The compact and robust high-end hot wire cutter for ETICS insulation boards.

Benefits at a glance

  • Simple adjustment of the wire using thumb screws
  • Telescopic cutting bracket for cutting heights of up to 1300 mm
  • Foldaway longitudinal stop for repeat cuts
  • Swivelling guide rails on both sides with a scale for diagonal cuts
  • Adjusting screws to set precise cutting angles
  • Wire can be quickly inserted and removed using turning handle
  • Foldaway depth stop to quickly and easily set the depth of the panel
  • High-quality stainless steel guides for the cutting bracket
  • Integrated power supply for high speed cutting

The inoCUT Premium is a compact and robust hot wire cutter with an extendable telescope cutting bracket and an integrated power supply. With one turn, the cutting wire can be inserted or withdrawn. This special feature allows for significantly easier handling on site. In addition to a diverse cutting possibilities, the new inoCUT Premium also makes cutting angles of up to 7° possible.
Cut-outs for rafter beams and window sills of up to 34 cm are easily achieved with the optional corner cutter.


inoCUT Premium
Cutting lengthcmmax. 130
Cutting depthcmmax. 90° = 34 cm / 45° = 22
Machine techniqueCutters
Dimensions (W x H x D)mm1530 x 2150 x 580
Weightkgapprox. 17,5
inoCUT Premium
Foam glass panels
Hemp boards
Mineral wool
Phenolic resin panels
Polystyrene rigid foam panels
Polyurethane panels
Potential cuts: Cut-outs
Potential cuts: Diagonal cuts
Potential cuts: Diagonal cuts with mitre joints
Potential cuts: Groove cuts
Potential cuts: Layered cut
Potential cuts: Layered cuts with mitre joints
Potential cuts: Layered groove cuts
Potential cuts: Mitre cuts
Potential cuts: Separating cuts
Potential cuts: Straight cuts
Rolls of clamping felt

Scope of delivery
inoCUT Premium
Item no. 10043779

  • Base plate
  • Swivelling telescopic cutting bracket
  • Left-hand and right-hand support strip
  • Power supply unit
  • Connecting cable
  • Support for using at a wall
  • Telescopic support leg
  • Railing fastening
  • Aluminium transport case with wheels
  • Operating instructions
inoCUT Premium
Corner cutter for inoCUT Premium

Corner cutter for inoCUT Premium

  • Rafter cut-outs, corner cut-outs in window sills, metal fixtures, lintels, etc.
  • 0 - 90° swivel
  • Degree scale and slider for diagonal cut repetition
  • Tool-free, fast wire change thanks to integrated reserve wire spool
  • With nylon pouch

Plugs directly into cutting device without any additional transformers
- Cutting depth: 510 mm / 300 mm
- Weight: 2.0 kg

Corner cutter for inoCUT Premium (Article No. 10043780)
Freestanding support for inoCUT Premium

Freestanding support for inoCUT Premium

  • Telescopic support so device can stand up by itself. Remains on the device after assembly

Freestanding support for inoCUT Premium (Article No. 10043781)
Spare wire with a diameter of 0.65 mm - 20 m

Spare wire with a diameter of 0.65 mm - 20 m

Spare wire with a diameter of 0.65 mm (Article No. 10026102)

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